28 April 2010

Announcing Basement Gaming Bunker 15mm Terrain


Greetings all,

This post has been delayed a few times for an assortment of reasons, but the time is ripe to reveal what has been occupying our time the last few months. Basement Gaming Bunker, as part of its switch from a dedicated 40k blog to 15mm gaming, is announcing a small line of resin sci-fi terrain! With no further excuses or delays, here is an overview of our Wave 1 releases.

We hope to get this word out through Dropship Horizon, Miniature Review, Tabletop Gaming News, and The Miniatures Page over the next few days. The main thing we need to know is what kind of interest there is for this sort of product so we have a rough idea of how many initial castings we need before we start shipping.

We're hoping for a release sometime in early June. To begin, we will probably set up a Google Checkout shop on this blog. As the line expands, we will explore options for a dedicated webstore, so this can remain a proper gaming blog rather than a business newsletter.

All feedback is appreciated. Good gaming, all!

Chris Knowles, Bunker Honcho


Wave 1 is a line of prefab military structures. The thought behind this is when a large force enters into a lengthy engagement, they will need some barebones headquarters, supply, maintenance, and barracks structures. These are centered around large armored panels which can be assembled right off the dropship and put into service. A set of this terrain would be great in any attacker/defender scenario, or for use as a centrally-contested objective in neutral territory.

These buildings were purposely left devoid of some fine detail and additional parts. As such, they would work extremely well with conversion parts from IMEX plastic kits, Ground Zero Games' building fittings, etc. More buildings will definitely follow - but how many will depend on sales of this first wave!

All buildings are shown with Rebel Minis' awesome Scourge for scale.

Sci-Fi Defensive Barricades


The Defensive Barricades are a set of chest-height walls deployed around critical structures. The straight walls will come in either packs of six or eight (still haven't decided), while the 90-degree and 45-degree corners will come in two-packs of each.

Small Modular Building


I actually based this first piece on something I scratchbuilt for Epic almost fifteen years ago, and this is what inspired me to create this terrain. It can serve as anything - an armory, command post, security checkpoint, communications building, industrial control center, ammo dump, portable restroom... just about anything that only requires a small amount of space. It has a double blast door on one long edge, and a single blast door on the opposite short edge. The removable roof is recessed enough to place troops on top of the building, where they can take cover behind the armored walls.


The small building will be available individually, or in two-packs for a modest discount.

Medium Modular Building

The centerpiece of the collection. I actually scaled this building to the Brigade Tactical Operation Center where I ran radio and computer networks in the Army a few years back. It could serve as a headquarters building, barracks, dining facility, or any military (or future civilian/industrial) structure that requires a bit more interior space.


Putting It Together!

We haven't worked out the specifics yet, but we will offer a few "combo packs" of buildings and walls together. One thing I know I want to offer is this set as an introductory special for the first month:


So stay tuned for official information about the release, along with our standard complement of miniature and gaming system reviews. All feedback is appreciated!


  1. Looks really good. I particularly like the barricades but I could use the buildings as well. Looking forward to seeing price details.

  2. Thanks, JBR!

    Kobold - yep, I honestly came up with the barricades almost as an afterthought to the buildings. But once I started playing around with "full encampment" sketches like the one I posted, I realized the barricades could easily be far more popular than the buildings.

    Prices will be updated once I have the first few batches cast, and find out how much resin it will actually require me to use per pack.

  3. Now, those are very very nice.