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FUBAR Force Supplements

This is a collection of force supplements and expansions for the FUBAR Rules System.   I originally created a Space Marines "codex" supplement during the early stages of playtesting, and then shifted my focus to 15mm science fiction supplements.  I will post updated versions as I create them.  Eventually I hope to cover every available 15mm science fiction miniature range.

FUBAR rules were created by Craig Cartmell and developed by the Forge Of War Yahoo group.  The core rules (and some other supplements) are available here.  More files (and the discussions that led to their creation) are found at the Yahoo group.

These are PDF files.  Right click-save as to download them.  

Khurasan Miniatures Sci-Fi and Planet 15 lines (as of October 2010) (minis available here)
Rebel Minis 15mm Sci-Fi Lines (as of June 2011) (minis available here)

FUBAR FPS Rules (Doom: The Boardgame/Space Hulk-inspired variant of the FUBAR rules)
FUBAR FPS Counters