25 May 2011

Detailed FUBAR Battle Report - Crusties vs Sulians

I’m going for something a bit different with this battle report.  Rather than simply posting the overall results, I’m going to attempt play-by-play commentary of the game as it was played.  This is so readers who are curious about the FUBAR system can see how it works in game, and how you can tweak it into just the kind of gaming experience you want to have.

The moon of Caris is a narcotics and weapons smuggling hub for the entire Conquest system.  Crusties have set up shanty towns near every major starport, cooking their hallucinogens and hiding them in government shipping containers.  Corrupt government officials pick up these drugs at set times, taking them into the starports.
The Sulian Alliance will no longer allow this.
A small force was sent out from the Sulian encampment near the starport of Lumeii.  Their mission is to destroy the Crusties narcotics labs, and make an example of all Crusties they find.

3’ x 3’ desert table, with scattered Startown Slums and GZG shanties.  The Crusties were pre-deployed into the buildings and behind assorted crates and debris.  For this FUBAR game, the attacking Sulians will automatically receive initiative to start the game, but all Crusties count as being on guard during the first round.  This will enable them to take the first shots as the Sulians move into the shanties.
Each shanty is a target building.  The battlesuits and infantry are carrying demo charges, and the Stalker Tank’s weapons can also destroy them.  A charge is clamped on by a model in base to base contact.  It detonates the next turn, destroying the building.  For each building destroyed, roll a D6.  On a roll of 4-6, that building was a drug lab with unstable chemicals... each unit within D6” takes a hit, counted as a successful shooting attack.
The Sulians achieve victory by destroying  every target building.  The Crusties will only survive by either wiping out their opponents, or at least getting them to retreat from the table.

  • The Crusties have six fire teams of four Crusties each.  Crusties have a basic training level of Seasoned, allowing them to Activate on a D6 roll 4+, and successfully hit their targets (Expertise stat) on 5+.  They do not wear armor, but their resilient exoskeletons give them an armor save of 5+.  Their basic energy rifles can fire 2FP at 8”, or 1FP at 16”.  Most fire teams have a Plasma Gun, which has 3FP at 16”.  There are also two Arc Gun teams on the table, which have 3FP at 32”.
  • A Guncrab walker is hidden behind the dunes.  It is Seasoned, a vehicle armor save of 4+, and is armed with an Arc Gun.
  • Additionally there is a Command fireteam.  These have a Veteran training level, giving them an Activation of 3+ and an Expertise of 4+.  

SULIAN FORCES (Critical Mass Protolene Walkers with Khurasan Felid infantry)
  • The trooper squad is Seasoned (Activation 4+, Expertise 5+), have an armor save of 5+, and are armed with Blasters (2FP at 16”)
  • The Battlesuits are Seasoned, have a vehicle armor save of 4+, and  ar armed with two Assault Blasters (each has 2FP at 32”)
  • The Stalker Tank is Veteran since it’s the command vehicle (Activation 3+, Expertise 4+).  It has a vehicle armor save of 3+ and is armed with two Stalker Cannons (3FP at 48”).  Sulian units may use the Stalker’s Activation stat as long as it is on the table, but are -1 to Activation the turn it is destroyed.

The Stalker Tank activated and advanced into the slums.  It targetted the two immediaate threats to the infantry... two Crusty fire teams  hiding in the closest buildings.  Its right cannon fired at the Crusties covered by the triangle-shaped slum building, and the left cannon fired at the closest shanty.  One hit was scored on each.  The Crusties took the hit as a suppression counter, and the building did not contain a drug lab.  Nevertheless, the smouldering wreck was in base contact to the second Crusty fire team, so I gave them a suppression counter as well.  Seems like a viable special rule for this scenario!  The Stalker did move into line of sight of the two Crusty Arc Gun teams, so they burned their On Guard  counters and took their shots.  One scored a hit, and the Stalker Tank failed its armor save.  Rolling on the Vehicle Damage Table gave it a weapon destroyed result... not a good way to start the game.
The Battlesuits activated next.  They advanced quickly around the damaged Stalker tank and engaged the two Arc Gun Teams.  Since the Gun Teams were in cover, the Battlesuits needed to roll 6 to hit.  Three hits were scored on one, one on the second.  All but one passed their armor saves (that’s a LOT of 6s in a row).  I took that one as a casualty instead of as a Suppression marker, so they could be more effective in combat.
The Infantry failed their Activation roll and went on guard.  The assault isn’t looking good att his point.
The Crusties went next.  I rolled to activate the Guncrab first.  It failed and remained on guard.  Two fireteams did activate.  One fired upon the Sulian infantry, missing entirely.  The second fired and caused one casualty.  The Sulians burned their on guard counter and returned fire, killing one of the Crusties in the closest slum building.  The remaining Crusties went on guard.

The Crusties won the initiative roll.  They began their second turn by activating a Gun Team.  It activated and took an Aimed Fire action, gaining +1 to Expertise.  The Arc Gun fired on the closing Battlesuits, but the Plasma gun and rifle in that fireteam were still out of range.  The gun scored one hit, and the Suits failed their save. One Battlesuit became immobilized for the rest of the game.  The second gun team activated and selected the same option.  It scored five hits, four of which weren’t saved.  The four Vehicle Damage results were three 1’s (stunning all three suits), and a 6 (destroying one entirely).  The Guncrab took the next turn, rolling only a 2 for its activation die.  It remained On Guard and play passed to the Sulians.
The Sulian Infantry activated and advanced into the shanties.  A distant Crusties fireteam burned its on guard counter and fired a plasma gun, but missed.  The Sulians managed to wipe out the Crusties in the closest building, and would be able to destroy those buildings in the next turn.
The Stalker Tank activated next.  It fired on the middle of the three remaining shanties, destroying it.  It did contain a drug lab, which exploded and killed another Crusty trooper.  It also hit another nearby building, which did not reveal a second drug lab.  Three of the nine targets had now been accounted for.
The Battlesuits needed a natural 6 to activate.  They rolled a 1, and went On Guard.  

The Crusties won initiative, but the first unit failed to activate.  Play passed to the Sulians, who activated their Infantry.  Three troops went into base contact with buildings, clamping charges.  The remaining infantry fired upon the nearby Arc Gun team.  They scored six hits - more than enough to kill the Crusties.  The Crusty command team now burned their on guard counter and fired sniper rifles at the Sulians.  They hit two, but one made his saving throw.  The Stalker Tank activated next.  It took an Aimed Shot at the far distant building, scoring two hits on it.  It held another Drug Lab and exploded, killing a Crusty in each of the two surrounding fireteams.  The Battlesuits activated next.  The immobilized suit fired some covering shots while the mobile suit Assaulted a nearby fireteam.  The covering fire didn’t hit anything, but the Assault succesfully killed another Crusty.
Play passed back to the Crusties.  The unit that was just assaulted failed to activate, and retreated since it was at 50% strength.  The Guncrab finally activated and advanted toward the Battlesuits, but its Arc Gun missed.  The surviving Crusty Arc Gun team activated and took an aimed shot, stunning the crew of the stalker Tank.  Another fire team activated and chose a duck & weave action, rushing to engage the Sulian infantry.

The Crusties won initiative.  The command team attempted to activate but rolled a 1, going on guard and passing play back to the Sulians.  The Sulian Infantry activated and advanced to the final two target buildings.  The three buildings they had just set charges to detonated, two rolling as Labs.  One was close enough to hit a Sulian trooper, but he passed his armor save.  The Sulian infantry fired at the Crusties hiding in the final two target buildings, but only scored two hits.  One saved.  The other was taken as a casualty - the battle is too far along to suppress any troops!  The Crusty Command Team now burned its on guard counter and fired - hitting three Sulians and killing one.  The Sulian Battlesuits activated next.  They both took aimed shots at the Guncrab.  They caused four hits - three were saved, one rolled for damage.  The Guncrab’s weapon was destroyed.  The stunned Stalker Tank needed a 5 to activate, but only rolled a 2.  Play was passed back to the Crusties.  The fireteam that had just been engaged now returned fire.  They scored two hits - one saved, one was taken as a further casualty.  The remaining Crusty rifle team failed to activate (going on guard), but the Arc Gun team activated and took an aimed shot. They hit the Sulian Battlesuits four times, destroying two weapons on the immobilized suit and one weapon on the second.  Since one suit was now immobilized and disarmed, I decided to let the pilot bail out on a roll of 4-6.  He rolled a 2 and remained stuck in his damaged battlesuit.  

The Sulians won initiative.  The infantry activated first - two Felids moved into base contact with the remaining two target buildings, while the remaining three fired upon the Command Team.  Two Crusties were hit, but one passed his armor save.  The final two buildings now had charges clamped to them, effectively achieving the Sulian objective.  The Stalker Tank failed to activate and went on guard.   Play passed to the Crusties, and the Command Team activated for an Aimed Shot.  The shooting was effective - all of the remaining Sulian infantry were wiped out.  The nearby Crusty fireteam fled the rigged buildings and fired their plasma gun at the Stalk Tank.  They scored one hit, but it was saved.  Only one Crusty unit activated succesfully for the rest of the round, but it didn’t have any heavy weapons that could affect the Sulian vehicles.  
The final charges detonated.  All of the target buildings were destroyed, but at a very heavy cost.  One damaged Stalker Tank and an equally damaged Battlesuit are the only things that returned home from the fight, but the Crusties would need months to recover their narcotics operations.  

This scenario was far more balanced than I realized!  I thought the advantage would definitely be to the Crusties, as every single one of their troops were in cover for the entire game.  I also thought that the lack of higher Expertise ratings among the Sulians would be a handicap, but it was a pretty thrilling game.  I’ll have to play aa follow up scenario of some kind... the Crusty drug kingpins won’t take kindly to this level of Sulian military intervention!


19 May 2011

Micropanzer SAS with GZG Weapons

A few months ago I unveiled these... GZG light tracked vehicles converted with 40k Tau weapons.  The idea is that the more rectangular weapons would match Micropanzer's SAS infantry.  I recently finished the first platoon of the infantry, as  well as a paint test for a tank.  Here's the color scheme:

Originally I meant this force to be inspired by AT-43 Red Blok, but it took a life of its own as I chose vehicles and painted the first few troops.  In my Conquest System gaming universe this will be the corporate forces of the Aurora Group... the sleaziest of the three mega-corporations.  These guys haven't had an original product or idea in years, instead stealing designs from the other two major corporations and selling cheap knock-offs to local governments.  Their own forces aren't much better... while their competitors' corporate militaries are using grav tech vehicles, Aurora is still using tracks.

But remembering the original AT-43 thoughts led me to a creative choice for this army's power armor - the Rising Sun Manitou from Kremlin Miniatures.  These are fantastic models... I look forward to getting them (and the rest of the tracked vehicles) painted and on the tabletop.  But here's what I have finished so far, including a shot of the Kremlin walkers:

I fought my first FUBAR battle with this force over the weekend.  They swept through a Startown Slum overrun with my Crusty army (see the post just below this one).  I'm going to tweak the stats I used and run the game again... I'll try to post a battle report sometime next week!


16 May 2011

Crusty Infantry Platoon - completed!

I've been painting like crazy over the last two weeks, and need to get the blog caught up!  The figures I'm most pleased with right now are my Ground Zero Games Crusties.

I have completed two packs of the rifle infantry, one pack of the command/heavy weapons, and one pack of the Heavy Arc Gun teams.  I've also basecoated a GZG Guncrab Walker, which I intend to use as their vehicle support as I grow the force.

I based the gun teams on 1.25" fender washers rather than on individual pennies, and I really like the look of them. I'm going to start basing all of my heavy weapon teams in this way.

Overall, I'm disappointed in myself for not having painted them sooner.  I've had these ever since they  were released... for some reason I thought it would be a far more difficult paintjob than it really was.  I completed everything in this force in just three evenings.

In my Conquest System gaming world, the Crusties are going to be a bit different than their cinematic counterparts.  They were the indigenous race on several system planets. But now that every race in the galaxy is attempting to colonize Conquest for its wealth of resources, the Crusties have been displaced from their homes.  They now hide in startown slums, selling weapons, drugs, and mercenary labor to anyone willing to pay and feed their communities.

More painted troops to follow this week, including some Micropanzer SAS.


08 May 2011

HOF Post Apocalyptic Warriors - Review and Paint Test

I picked up some assorted HOF Humanity minis a few weeks back.  Surprisingly, the Post Apocalyptic Warriors and Rim Mercenaries became my instant favorites once I saw them in person.  They are somewhere between Death Korps of Krieg and Pig Iron Productions in 15mm... very good minis.  The gas masks open them up to quite a few environments and scenarios.  I think in the Conquest System they are going to be militant rebels formerly assigned to a mining facility.

I painted up one of each gas mask sculpt, just to see what they would look like:

I think they turned out rather well.  :)


04 May 2011

GZG Crusties - Paint Test

I've owned these little gems from Ground Zero Games ever since they were released, but I've been intimidated by the idea of painting them.  I finally became frustrated enough with not having them painted that I did some searching around the other blogs and message boards... I never hesitate to steal good ideas.  Spacejacker's quick basecoat/wash method mentioned here looked great to me (even if he was unsatisfied with the results).  So I decided to give it a try... but what to use for a base color?

I figured there was no point guessing.  After a blast of white primer, I chose four different colors and set to work.  Each produced a pretty effective result using that basic method:

From left to right:

  • Testors Model Master "Wood," Wonder Wash "Dirty Brown"
  • Citadel "Rotting Flesh," Wonder Wash "Skin" then a thinned "Dirty Brown"
  • Citadel Foundation "Khemri Brown," Wonder Wash "Standard Black" then a second wash of "Dirty Brown".  "Khemri Brown" is also my usual color for desert troop bases
  • Citadel Foundation "Gretchin Green," wash of Dirty Brown
While the fourth one is probably the most District 9-inspired scheme, it's my least favorite.  I personally like the first one best.  The third is also good, I think it would look too dark for an entire army.  Any other thoughts or suggestions before I knock out a quick platoon of these guys?