Terrain Projects

My Terrain Projects
Based on what some of my fellow bloggers have done, I've decided to bring my terrain and painting projects out into the open.  Hopefully this will help me stay on task!

Non-Board Specific

  • Slums, Shacks, and Shanties
    • STATUS: Assembled and painted ten GZG shanties and three BWS Startown Slums buildings.  Need to finish five more Startown Slums buildings.
  • Standalone Asphalt Roads
    • STATUS: Finished eight proof-of-concept models using vinyl placemats with plasticard backing.  The corners are warping - still needs some work.

Desert Board
  • 1' x 1' vinyl floor tiles 
    • STATUS: nine purchased - no additional work needed
  • Insulation board hills, painted and flocked with sand
    • STATUS: eight finished 1- to 3-level hills
  •  Scatter terrain 
    • STATUS: six finished pieces with GZG crates and boxes 
  • Desert Dwellings
    • STATUS: six The Scene buildings finished.  Would like to get new desert buildings from Brigade Models and Gamecraft Miniatures to add variety.
  • Muddy River
    • STATUS: not started.  Might just get a JR Miniatures rubber river and call it done.

Red Planet Board
  • 2' x 2' plywood board, painted and flocked
    • STATUS: complete
  • Insulation board hills, painted and flocked 
    • STATUS: five finished 1- to 3-level hills.  Would like to add hardboard bases in the future for weight/stability
  • Insulation board spires, painted
    • STATUS: two finished, four more planned
  • Scatter terrain
    • STATUS: three finished pieces with GZG crates and boxes
  • Pitcher plant terrain
    • STATUS: haven't started
  • Critical Mass Games Kaamados Dominion Buildings
    • STATUS: two complete, two more planned
Ice World Board
  • 1' x 1' vinyl floor tiles, flocked with snow
    • STATUS: four complete
  • Insulation board hills, painted and flocked 
    • STATUS: three finished 1- to 2-level hills, five more planned
  • Critical Mass Games ARC Fleet Buildings
    • STATUS: Eight buildings, 50% painted
  • Old Crow Pipelines
    • STATUS: Purchased.  I want to use these with the Critical Mass Otilium Refinery somehow.  

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