11 December 2010

Back to blogging - and shopping!

Sorry for my absence these past few weeks... I was out of town for some military training (which I don’t like to announce in advance - that’s not something that needs to be public knowledge!) and have had a busy time at home and work since I returned.

I do have a few updates to post over the coming days... a USE ME battle report, a gallery of Khurasan Space Demons, and a new project - a complete 15mm sci-fi army for under $45! In the meantime, everyone should take advantage of the 15mm Christmas sales happening now:

Rebel Minis - 20% off all product, including the infantry and dropship in my banner pic!
Ground Zero Games - a free bag of goodies and discount voucher for later use.
RAFM - 20% everything through Sunday, December 12th (code CHRS2010).
Brigade Models - 15% off everything.


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