12 February 2011

New link for the FUBAR One-Page Sci-Fi Rule System

A quick weekend update: Craig Cartmel has updated the FUBAR section of his website, posting most of the force supplements we generated at the Yahoo group.  

For those of you who aren't familiar with FUBAR - they are a one-page set of rules from the genius who gave us the Forge Of War game system.  They are an extremely clever system that encourages you to get to the battlefield right away, rather than spending hours and hours perfecting your army list or bickering over interpretations of vague special rules.  They are absolutely perfect for a pickup game... just toss down two roughly-similar forces, come up with some basic victory conditions, and play the game!

This game is endlessly modifiable using the core mechanics.  On this page you will find a variant that I knocked together to play Space Hulk/Doom: The Boardgame style battles: http://basementgamingbunker.blogspot.com/p/fubar-resources.html

If you haven't given these a chance yet - just try them!  You might be amazed how enjoyable it is to play a game like this.



  1. I like the page. I also like how all the variations have the own section on the page..
    Very Nice.


  2. FUBAR is awesome, I joined the Yahoo group!

    Thx for the links