23 August 2011

Paint Test and Army Design - Micropanzer Aliens

Like most gamers, I have a pretty large pile of unpainted minis. A good chunk of that pile consists of Micropanzer Krystrial aliens. I had been waiting to figure out a paint scheme that would let me get them painted quickly, but still look good on the battlefield. Here's my first attempt:

Paint steps for the Raivaui Handler:
  1. White Armory Spray undercoat
  2. P3 Underbelly Blue basecoat
  3. Vallejo Heavy Grey details (weapon, back plate)
  4. Vallejo Gunmetal whips
  5. Wonder Wash Deep Sea over the Underbelly Blue
  6. Wonder Wash Dirty Dark Brown over the entire mini
  7. P3 Bloodstone on the base, flock with my Red Planet blend, seal with white glue + water
Paint steps for the Vaethaka Hounds:
  1. Model Master Guards Red undercoat
  2. Vallejo Heavy Grey armor plates
  3. P3 Menoth White Base horns and teeth
  4. Wonder Wash Dirty Dark Brown over the entire mini
  5. P3 Bloodstone on the base, flock with my Red Planet blend, seal with white glue + water
It only took me a couple of hours to do the test minis. A playable army should be doable in a couple of evenings. Then I just need to spend a little time on the Overlord and get them onto the table! Here's my thought for a force organization:
  • One Command Unit - 1 Krystrial Overlord, 1 Raivaui with Banner, 1 Raivaui Handler, 2 Vaethaka Hounds
  • Three Battle Units - 1 Raivaui Leader with Halberd, 4 Raivaui with swords and blasters
  • Three Hound Units - 1 Raivaui Handler, Four Vaethaka Hounds
This should give me another good "horde" army for my 2' x 2' battlefields.



  1. Blue look pretty cool, and it should be fast to paint, when I get these I will go for earth tones, browns and yellows, your organization looks good, any anti armour?

  2. Thanks, Dan! I went with pale blue because, quite simply, I don't use it on any other aliens or races! My Orks are already green, and my Crusties are brown and tan.

    Micropanzer offers a great heavy weapon variant of the Raivaui (plasma cannon-ish), but I'm going to try some special rules for their normal infantry blaster. In FUBAR, I'm going to give each weapon 2FP or 3FP against infantry/softskin vehicles at 16", and 1FP against armored vehicles at 8".

    My idea is that these advanced weapons can switch from "rapid burst" (anti-personnel) to "intense blast" (anti-armor). I've grown frustrated with seeing 15mm gamers try to replicate World War II infantry platoons among their sci-fi aliens. When I play, I want my aliens to be completely different from any of my human forces. :)

  3. Fare enough, not a bad idea.

  4. The blue and red work great together. Also great that you have started to eat through the painting backlog! I started to attempt to just get my backlog based and undercoated and it has been an epic task! I need to take smaller bite sized chunks...