12 November 2011

15mm Sentry Tank - a Hot Wheels kitbash

I painted these Rebel Minis Earth Force Marines a few months back:

I decided to play up the similarity of their armor and equipment to Cobra Vipers a bit.  I wasn't intending to play G.I.Joe in 15mm... just thought it was fun color scheme.  I also kitbashed a couple of Hot Wheels (a Space Van and an Assault Crawler) to make this not-Cobra HISS Tank:

Other than that, I painted a Laserburn character in their color scheme and moved on to other projects.  For some reason, I never got around to using these guys in any games.  

While working on another project this week, I noticed a spare Critical Mass ARC Walker chin turret.  Bingo - just the weapon I needed to finish my Sentry Tank.  I clipped off the little connector post, found a small steel washer to use for the turret ring, and broke out the paintbrush:

I'd still like to add some kind of identification badge or unit marking.  But I think this is turning into a nice Space Opera army... a commander, this vehicle, and around 20 infantry would be great for a Forge of War or USE ME force.  And that Laserburn character will make a fine Baron of an outlying Imperial system.  He can't afford to equip his personal army with the fine grav armor like his wealthier peers, but he can still protect his own citizens and fulfill the Emperor's levy if called to war.  



  1. I do like the Laserburn Adventurer - there are a lot of really great figures, and vehicles, in the Laserburn range - he has a real LBB Traveller vibe about him and the Rebel Minis Earth Force complement the late 70's SciFi look. Great job!

  2. I realy like your work here, and my 30 year old
    son likes it even more so....He grew up watcing
    GI Joe! Great idea using the Laserburn Adventurer, looks right.

  3. Thank you, gentlemen.

    @David - I just received my first Laserburn vehicle last week. It's one of the Partizan Scout Vans... neat old sculpt, but it's pretty underscaled. I still might try some of the Glaive APCs to go with a small alien force.

    @Don - I only have a couple years on your son, so that probably helped my inspiration. :) Though I was far more partial to the comics than the cartoon, and usually mixed the toys with Star Wars figures and other bits to make my own sci-fi settings...

  4. If you want to play up the Cobra look a little more you could pick up some Black Cobra decals from Fighting Pirannha.