22 December 2011

"You are two UGLY mother..."

I had all kinds of plans to start working on my Critical Mass Games Kaamados Dominion figures this week.  But, of course, I was one paint color short.  In the meantime, I decided it was a good time to paint my Khurasan Miniatures Vacation Aliens.   

"If it bleeds, we can kill it.
It only took a few hours to do both.  They definitely look better in the flesh... I tried a dozen camera settings and this was the best that came out.  The paint scheme:

  1. Vallejo Heavy Khaki on the exposed skin
  2. Secret Weapon Green-Black Wash over the Heavy Khaki
  3. P3 Cryx Bane Base over boots, straps, armor bits, weapons, and helmets.
  4. Vallejo Gunmetal drybrushed over most of the Cryx Bane.  I was only going to use this on the armor and helmet, but it ended up working okay on all of the straps and pouches.  I remember the medical kit in the first movie had some pretty crude elements to it.  I figured using metal strapping instead of fabric webs would be equally crude.
  5. Vallejo Blood Red on the eyes, and the targeting lens on the left mini.  
  6. Secret Weapon Armor Wash over the shoulder weapons (just to give them a slightly different tone).
  7. Wonder Wash Black over the entire mini.
Now I need to figure out exactly how to use these in my own settings.  I've never been a fan of replaying scenarios from movies or shows.  Instead, I think these will be some type of bounty hunting team, or possibly master-race enslavers for something like GZG Crusties.  



  1. Nice! I've ordered some Huntarrs from Khurasan...

  2. Nicely done. I have the predators from QRF and I still haven't managed to find a paint scheme that satisfies me.