19 January 2012

Gonna need more cocktail sauce...

Thanks to my big Ground Zero Games Christmas order, I now have some much-needed reinforcements for my Crusties army.  I grabbed one of the heavy walker, a two-pack of the light walkers, and a pack of the new armored infantry.

I went back and forth a few times about how to paint them.  I used P3 Cryx Bane Highlight as the main weapon color for my previous Crusties, with the occasional Vallejo Heavy Red detail.  

Since the armored Crusties didn't seem to have any skin (shell?) exposed, the gray and dark red seemed like the obvious color choices.  But then I was afraid they'd be too close of a match for a recently-painted Ravenstar Silverback mecha, which are Vallejo Gory Red with a few P3 Cryx Bane Highlight details.  I second guessed my colors even more after I saw (and fell in love with) the bright orange scheme featured on Gunner's Wargaming.  But ultimately I decided to go with the Cryx Bane as a base color and limit the Heavy Red to the weapons and backpacks.  It wasn't bad, but needed another color.  I ended up using Vallejo Goblin Green on the weapon "fins," some small details on the backpacks, and on the helmet lenses.  A quick touch of black Wonder Wash and some base texture completed the figures.

I'm not convinced the green details are bright enough. I might get something brighter (Vallejo Fluorescent Green maybe) and touch them up later.  But they are ready for the game table, and match pretty well with my earlier Crusty infantry.

More importantly, this palette should work fine on the Crusty walkers.  But I swear... Next time I make a new army -  I really need to make sure I stop using the same few base colors. :)



  1. Nice one Chris! The Crusties are probably my favourite alien race in 15mm. I think you're right about the brightness of the green. A few highlights would bring out the shapes more. But certainly good for gaming as is. :)

    I'm currently waiting for my own order that I'll enter in the Gruntz painting competition. Should be fun!

  2. Nice colour scheme, they look great, I have been procrastinating on the colour scheme for the unarmored crusties, I think your bone colour is nice, I may use that, my other choice is various shades of brown, with yellowish or reddish highlights, thanks for the mention/link.

  3. @Martin - thanks, brother! Look forward to seeing what you do with yours.

    @Dan - you're welcome. Your Crusty armor is truly inspirational. I ended up going with the wood color as the "majority" sub-species, but have four or five dark brown, one pale green-brown, and one a very pale green.

    My original experiments: http://basementgamingbunker.blogspot.com/2011/05/gzg-crusties-paint-test.html

    -Chris K.

  4. I love the crusties. Nice job on those mini's. They certainly look good enough to me.

  5. Like what you've done on the armoured crusties - I've just assembled mine but haven't had any inspiration as to colours, yet. I went with a 'blue crab' palette for the unarmoured crusties but I want to go lighter with the armour and the walkers - though I like Dan's orange walkers.

  6. @David - what about painting the entire armor the same metallic color you used on your Blue Crabs' weapons? Or a blue wash over bare metal for a blue metal effect? I didn't think about it until after I painted mine, but these would look pretty nice (and somewhat more "alien") in a metallic color.

  7. Nice minis, Chris, no need for any alarms on that score!