13 March 2012

Electrical Box Buildings from Micropanzer

In addition to his great range of 15mm figures, Jason over at Micropanzer Wargame Studio has been selling painted buildings made from plastic electrical boxes.  You can see what's available on this page.  I had my eye on his first few sets, but none of them really "jumped" out at me.  On his next update, I saw a set of four buildings painted in a dark red color.

I couldn't resist!  I thought they'd look great on my Red Planet terrain table, and this set didn't disappoint me.  These single-story buildings look like part of an established colony - these are permanent structures rather than early shanties or pre-fabs, but they haven't developed into a complete city just yet.  So they are perfect settlements for disputed territories on colonized worlds, or even for a bustling small-skirmish spaceport or lab complex.

And, just for the sake of curiosity, I wondered how these would look on my other gaming tables.  They didn't offer much for my desert table (especially since I have a full set of The Scene desert buildings), but they are very nice with my snow terrain.

The snow terrain hasn't seen much play, simply because I never managed to finish painting my Critical Mass Games ARC Fleet refinery set.  These will get me by for now.  I may even buy some of his gray-colored buildings for the snow table, or just to add some variety to the settlement.



  1. Cool buildings! I like your snow board. You ought to do a "how to" post on making one.

    1. Okay, I will. Be careful as you board the time machine... :)


    2. Aha! Handy, thanks.

      Very nice buildinga by the way. Good purchase.

  2. Cool looking buildings. Hooray for scratch building!