27 August 2009

Epic 40,000: Omega Edition - the main rulebook

My revision of the 1997 Epic 40k rules is beginning to take shape. I thought it would be good for potential players of this system to know what they can expect.

On a production note - I'm creating the entire system using Google Docs. From there it will be exported as a PDF, which I will host freely online. There will be numerous diagrams and play examples throughout the book, for which I will probably use the Vassal Epic module. Other than that, there will be photos of my own models, terrain, and tables. As of this writing, I don't have anyone to do artwork, so the book is going to be pretty basic.

The main rulebook is going to cover everything needed to play a game - except for the army lists. In 1997 terms, the new rulebook is going to be a combination of the old Rulebook and Battles Book. So its contents:

  • Epic 40,000: Omega Edition rules
  • Demo/Training Scenarios (no army list required)
  • Play examples with diagrams for EVERY rule section
  • Scenario Special Rules
  • Scenarios
  • Fog of War (2nd Edition)
  • Tree/narrative campaign examples
  • Integrated game system campaign examples (40k/BFG/eE40k using Planetary Empires)
  • Painting weblinks
  • Terrain weblinks
  • Quick Reference Playsheet as last page (also available as separate download)

For those of you who have designed similar products in the past, or have simply used enough rulebooks on your own - what else am I missing?

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