20 August 2009

Project Announcement - Epic 40,000: Omega Edition

Overall, I have always preferred the Epic 40,000 rules to Space Marine/Netepic and to Epic:Armageddon. Every year or so, this same debate is sparked on one of the forums (TacComs, Warseer, Dakka, etc.). Over the past few months I've read through these threads carefully, as well as numerous blogs and defunct resource pages. I know that I am not alone in thinking that Epic 40k is the superior system.

As such, I am announcing Epic 40,000: Omega Edition. This will be a standalone Epic ruleset based upon the 1997 edition.

My reasons for returning to this system:
  • Epic 40,000 was a complete product. It had a few officeial rules amendments and updates, but it did not suffer from "LINUXitis" the way NetEpic and Epic:Armageddon do (always being developed and updated, never a simple standalone product).
  • The previous two attempts to keep Epic 40,000 alive, the Battle Bible and Epic 41k, were both steps in this direction. This project would not be possible without their efforts, and I would absolutely love a little bit of help from those who worked on those documents.
  • Epic 40,000's simplicity make it an ideal intro game to the 40k universe, especially for younger players on a budget.
  • The Epic 40,000 rules are fundamentally sound (Battlefleet Gothic has the same core rules and has been loved ever since its release) and are the best representation of large-scale conflict possible within the Warhammer 40,000 universe.
  • Epic 40,000's army list system is optimal. Players can field every model created for the game, every unit in their collection, detachments based on their 40k armies, and wild units that would ordinarily never be seen. This is something the other Epic systems do NOT allow. In EA, there are only a handful of possible army builds. In SM2/TL/NE, there are a handful of "no-brainers" that appear in every army due to power level.
  • The Epic 40k army lists are NOT designed for tournaments. This is a great game system for friendly situations, but could never replace E:A at the tournament level.
  • The rule changes implemented throughout the Firepower/Magazine era should be supported, except those rejected by the old mailing group.
  • The Fate Card system is sound. It added a level of entertainment and balance to the game, and I will incorporate it into the new version.
  • The old army lists are generally good, but they do need slight changes/have units added to bring them in-line with current 40k codices. Orks need a slight power boost or a points reduction across the board, as they always played with a slight handicap.
  • The Fog of War was a great way to play games, which is why I'm creating a 40k version of it. It will be a major part of Epic 40k: Omega.

The rulebook is already being written, and I have electronic versions of all the old army lists and unit stats. This product won't take long to produce, outside of playtesting new scenarios and victory conditions. Any groups willing to beta-test this update to a fun and complete game system should contact me for more information.

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