06 June 2011

Off the beaten path: Blight Wheel Recon 'Bot

I just saw a link to these on Tabletop Gaming News... While these were created for an upcoming 28mm line of miniatures, I think they would be great in 15mm!

See the original article here.



  1. WOW, IT IS great!! thanks for sharing!

  2. Those are pretty cool. They would work nicely for Sci-Fi and steampunk, I think. I made some pretty similar bots using the mechanical fingers of MechWarrior clix mechs for legs. Check out my most recent blog entries for pictures and construction notes. That said, I'll probably buy a couple of these to add to my collection. Thanks!

  3. @Lobo - I also saw a mine drone on their site. I'm wondering how it would scale to 15mm? Might be an Imperial Guard-style tank for those who like the whole "40k in 15mm" theme.

    @Concentrationally Challenged - your robot conversions range from "pretty cool" to "damned amazing." I'll be following your progress very closely.

  4. I think it would maybe look good also with GZG crusties!

  5. Great potential for a Hegemonizing Swarm themed army.
    Would love to see these next to some 15mm to get a sense of size.