05 June 2011

Reporting for duty at Dropship Horizon!

The last few days have been a whirlwind.  To make a long story short... six other bloggers and I decided that the loss of Dropship Horizon would leave too much of a vaccuum in the 15mm Sci-Fi world.  While we discussed creating a new collaborative blog, Mark H. generously offered to let us take control of Dropship Horizon!


So while I will continue to update Basement Gaming Bunker with details of my own projects, you can expect to see my name appear on Dropship Horizon a few times a month.  I am very honored to be a part of not only Mark's legacy, but to be associated with such a great group of 15mm sci-fi gamers.



  1. Chris,

    It's a pleasure to hand over the Dropship to such a talented and enthusiastic group of gamers.

    I have always respected your own blog and welcomed the comments you left on your frequent forays to DH.

    I thank you for taking a lead role this weekend and bringing about something that is now bigger than all of us and belongs to all of us.


  2. I had just come across Dropship during an investigative browse into 15mm gaming. The next day, it was to close shop. To say I was startled and disappointed, in such a short period of time, caught me off guard.

    Clearly it is testament to the work you put in Mark and those who contributed over time that I reacted in such a way due to the content therein and quality of information.

    Thanks for stepping up and taking up the baton with the team Chris!

    Newbie 15mm Gamer