29 February 2012

February Wrap-Up and Looking Ahead

Another successful month at the Bunker!  My stated goal for the year has been "one combat unit painted every week."  I exceeded the goal in January, and had no problem meeting it in February.  And I managed to finish a few new terrain projects, just to help move things along.

The completed list for February 2012:

  • Two more of my resin modular buildings painted to match my Rebel Minis Droptroopers.  

  • A junk-built communications transceiver for those buildings.
  • 72" of 3" wide hardboard road sections (6" and 12" lengths)
  • Two more Rebel Minis Titan HAMR suits.
  • Another unit of four Rebel Minis Droptroopers and a Wild CAT 'bot for my Christmas War campaign.
  • Three GZG Cyclops Battlesuits - repainted to match my Eureka Ventaurans.
  • Two Rebel VIPER Walkers.  A third was stripped and needs to be repainted.
  • A paint test figure of RAFM Planetary Militia.  
  • Six Critical Mass Games Kaamados Dominion Vivipara infantry.
  • One Critical Mass Games Kaamados Dominion Draco Aganath Imperator battlesuit.
  • And finally, three more Rebel Minis Earthforce HAMR suits.  My first mecha army is ready for some test games!

Here's my tentative painting agenda for March:
  • Proxie Models buildings.  I have about a dozen ready to be assembled, based, and drybrushed.  That will give me the ruined urban battlefield desired for my mecha games.
  • Paint two light walkers and one heavy walker for my GZG Crusties.
  • Paint another Ravenstar Silverback mech.
  • Start work on my next mecha-based army:
    • A unit of Micropanzer Russian Walkers
    • RAFM "Buckethead" Infantry with Micropanzer Remote Gun Drones
    • Brigade Models South African Wheeled MBT
    • Matchbox Armored Transports as APCs
  • Repaint my other three GZG Cyclops Battlesuits to match my Eureka Ventaurans.
And the high priority items on my shopping and wish list:
  • GZG Colonial Militia to support Blue Moon Orion Republic troopers for my Dominion Invasion game setting.
  • More Critical Mass Kaamados Vivipara and Draco Agonath suits (for the same setting)
  • ArtCrime Productions Assault Valkyries and Nationalist Infantry.  The Assault Valkyries will be for the Dominion Invasion setting, and the Nationalist Infantry are going to be multi-based to support the above Rebel HAMRs and Ravenstar Thunderfoot.
  • More Rebel Minis VIPER walkers and Drop Trooper Heavy Weapons (when released).


  1. Wow, that's a bit of a tough schedule-good luck Chris! I'll be looking in as always to check progress!

  2. Man, you're further ahead than me project-wise for the Dominion Invasion setting. I only have 3 of my Draco Aganath Maxima Battlesuits done and a handful of Terran figures ready :-( I've gotta get cracking if I'm ever gonna catch up.

    Spartan 117

  3. You are absolutely on fire Chris, I'll just stand back, hang on, and enjoy the whirlwind. More power to you, looking forward to March projects.

  4. You've been busy Chris. That painting drought you talked about last year is well and truly over with.