19 May 2011

Micropanzer SAS with GZG Weapons

A few months ago I unveiled these... GZG light tracked vehicles converted with 40k Tau weapons.  The idea is that the more rectangular weapons would match Micropanzer's SAS infantry.  I recently finished the first platoon of the infantry, as  well as a paint test for a tank.  Here's the color scheme:

Originally I meant this force to be inspired by AT-43 Red Blok, but it took a life of its own as I chose vehicles and painted the first few troops.  In my Conquest System gaming universe this will be the corporate forces of the Aurora Group... the sleaziest of the three mega-corporations.  These guys haven't had an original product or idea in years, instead stealing designs from the other two major corporations and selling cheap knock-offs to local governments.  Their own forces aren't much better... while their competitors' corporate militaries are using grav tech vehicles, Aurora is still using tracks.

But remembering the original AT-43 thoughts led me to a creative choice for this army's power armor - the Rising Sun Manitou from Kremlin Miniatures.  These are fantastic models... I look forward to getting them (and the rest of the tracked vehicles) painted and on the tabletop.  But here's what I have finished so far, including a shot of the Kremlin walkers:

I fought my first FUBAR battle with this force over the weekend.  They swept through a Startown Slum overrun with my Crusty army (see the post just below this one).  I'm going to tweak the stats I used and run the game again... I'll try to post a battle report sometime next week!


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