04 May 2011

GZG Crusties - Paint Test

I've owned these little gems from Ground Zero Games ever since they were released, but I've been intimidated by the idea of painting them.  I finally became frustrated enough with not having them painted that I did some searching around the other blogs and message boards... I never hesitate to steal good ideas.  Spacejacker's quick basecoat/wash method mentioned here looked great to me (even if he was unsatisfied with the results).  So I decided to give it a try... but what to use for a base color?

I figured there was no point guessing.  After a blast of white primer, I chose four different colors and set to work.  Each produced a pretty effective result using that basic method:

From left to right:

  • Testors Model Master "Wood," Wonder Wash "Dirty Brown"
  • Citadel "Rotting Flesh," Wonder Wash "Skin" then a thinned "Dirty Brown"
  • Citadel Foundation "Khemri Brown," Wonder Wash "Standard Black" then a second wash of "Dirty Brown".  "Khemri Brown" is also my usual color for desert troop bases
  • Citadel Foundation "Gretchin Green," wash of Dirty Brown
While the fourth one is probably the most District 9-inspired scheme, it's my least favorite.  I personally like the first one best.  The third is also good, I think it would look too dark for an entire army.  Any other thoughts or suggestions before I knock out a quick platoon of these guys?



  1. The "rusty" brown (first listed) is I think the best. It is a light enough color to stand out and still get all the detail. The second one would be my second choice although I do not like it nearly as much.

  2. The first one :)
    Where I went wrong was not enough contrast between the basecoat and the wash... Yours doesn't have that problem. Looking great!

  3. Number one definitely! Although number three looks closest to the 2300AD Kafer if you were using the crusties for that.

  4. I'll jump in and advocate for #1 as well. I'm biased, though, because that's very close the the color I'm doing mine up in.

  5. Heya

    I suppose mixing and matching between the different colour schemes through out the platoon for some real variation is out of the question?

  6. Thanks for the kind words, folks!

    Dylan - in my gaming universe the Crusties are cheap mercenary labor/fearless contraband smugglers. Imagine if the aliens from District 9 landed in Cold War Moscow rather than Johannesburg, and let your imagination run wild.

    Qalpha - it isn't out of the question at all. #1 will be the most numerous, but I could mix in a few #3s here and there.