16 May 2011

Crusty Infantry Platoon - completed!

I've been painting like crazy over the last two weeks, and need to get the blog caught up!  The figures I'm most pleased with right now are my Ground Zero Games Crusties.

I have completed two packs of the rifle infantry, one pack of the command/heavy weapons, and one pack of the Heavy Arc Gun teams.  I've also basecoated a GZG Guncrab Walker, which I intend to use as their vehicle support as I grow the force.

I based the gun teams on 1.25" fender washers rather than on individual pennies, and I really like the look of them. I'm going to start basing all of my heavy weapon teams in this way.

Overall, I'm disappointed in myself for not having painted them sooner.  I've had these ever since they  were released... for some reason I thought it would be a far more difficult paintjob than it really was.  I completed everything in this force in just three evenings.

In my Conquest System gaming world, the Crusties are going to be a bit different than their cinematic counterparts.  They were the indigenous race on several system planets. But now that every race in the galaxy is attempting to colonize Conquest for its wealth of resources, the Crusties have been displaced from their homes.  They now hide in startown slums, selling weapons, drugs, and mercenary labor to anyone willing to pay and feed their communities.

More painted troops to follow this week, including some Micropanzer SAS.



  1. great looking platoon, that tank really suits it, pretty good choice with the colours to, well done.

  2. Great job! I really like the new gun teams too.

  3. So which colour scheme from the tests did you choose? This looks like a nice scheme to use. like you mine are cleaned and based but paint free.

  4. Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

    Phil - I went with the Testor's Model Master "Wood" base color, with the Dirty Dark Brown Wonder Wash over the top. I mixed a few more of the Khemri Brown scheme troops in, just for some diversity.

    Wonder Washes are just the perfect thickness for 15mm troops right out of the bottle... I'm doing things with them that I've never pulled off with Vallejo or Citadel washes. And the Model Master paints are a good thickness too... one coat leaves just a bit of the white undercoat coming through (instant highlights), or two coats seem to cover perfectly without obscuring any details.

    I will need to find a replacement for Khemri Brown and Mechrite Red. after Games Workshop's latest shenanigans I will no longer purchase any of their paints.